Live IT Projects – Winners

Today´s Live IT Projects of course already have the winners. Congratulations :)

1. place- team 29 “Indoor space spy”, GlobalLogic Slovakia s.r.o. Students Kamil Angelovič, Tomáš Blanárik, Ján Vaško, Peter Ženčúch.Mobile and web applications to coordinate measurements in space and sending the measurement data to the server. It is possible to see the map compartment, after which the person goes through a mobile application. The solution can be used to map the room for different buildings, downloading, and the like.

2. place- team 20 “Parking system for FPT”, FPT Slovakia s.r.o. Students Matúš Hozza, Ondrej Hegedüs, Peter Fabian, Marián Hudák. Parking system to support the company FPT. It includes mobile application informing about filling the parking lot, Web applications, database management license plates of brands and tablet application to operate the ramp. Opening ramp functions automatically brands through license plate recognition cameras.

3. place- team 14 “POS Android Software for cash registers, Elcom spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným, Prešov. Students Filip Kriak, Pavol Kolesár, Silvia Korčeková, Róbert Mikita. Support of work with the cash register using a mobile device – smartphones or tablets. The application supports the assignment of orders, splitting the payment between several customers, pad printing and so on. Solution can be used in restaurants, bars and catering facilities.

3. place- team 16 “Interactive map of the company building”, Ness KDC s.r.o. Students Ondrej Matija, Michal Pavlík, Michal Savinec, Michal Szilágyi. Solution can be used for creating and viewing interactive maps of the building where it is possible to view the rooms, staff and their information, such as name, job, hobbies, and so on. The solution can be used e.g. in the building of large companies.

4. place – team 7 “Internal company attendance system”, Software AG Development Center Slovakia, s.r.o. Students Martin Homoľa, Matúš Horňák, Patrik Prevužňák, Peter Slaninka. System to support internal attendance system using mobile devices. The mobile application includes support for automatic tracking of return to work and notification.

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