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Members and membership

Košice IT Valley Association was established in March 2007 as a joint initiative of educational institutions, government and leading IT companies. In 2012 it was transformed into the cluster. It currently has 55 members and 3 sympathizers. Since its establishment cluster Košice IT Valley grew from 10 founding members to 58 subjects.

Membership in Košice IT Valley offers many advantages to its members, such as:

  • Active participation in development of the region and creation of civic society
  • Co-determination of the cluster strategy, possibility to be elected to the individual bodies of the cluster
  • Active participation in creating and executing the cluster activities and thus fulfilling its strategy and goals
  • Access to information on events, seminars, conferences from IT area
  • Providing information about/contacts to potential business partners in Slovakia and abroad
  • Various forms of member promotion internally – within the cluster and externally
  • Possibility to attend cluster events and/or cluster member events
  • Possibility to organize own commercial events and reach a wider professional audience
  • Possibility to be a beneficent / consortium member within cluster projects